Virtual Open Houses to increase enrollment and decrease faculty workload

Bring your school to future parents and students anywhere, anytime, online with an interactive and engaging virtual tour to meet your faculty and families. Introduce them to the whole culture, let them feel the community, and teach them about your curriculum – don’t just show a building.   

You differentiate learning for students in the classroom.

Differentiate learning for parents online too.  

It’s not your grandma’s photo gallery.

And better than your competition’s aerial video too.  

Now you can finally say what you want about your school. 

With best in class UX, parents learn about science in the science room and art in the art room. It’s so intuitive and obvious, it’s almost like a normal open house. The only difference is that they can attend in their pajamas at midnight.

 Here’s how it works: 



Usually over a video conference, we evaluate your project needs and discuss one of our packages.  



We come to you and capture your environment – with or without students featured in the tour. Edits and processing average only a few weeks.



Your virtual open house goes on your website, social media, and email. Once set up, it collects parent contact info like your viewbook collects dust.

About Open House School Media

Open House School Media has worked with large and small independent schools across the country and have been viewed over 3 million times.


Our virtual open houses can emphasize any aspect of your school without giving away your floor plan or entry points to unwelcome visitors. We have three levels of security that can fit the comfort level of any principal or parent. 


Our expertise in independent school visual storytelling provides you a partner who knows you, knows your challenges, and knows the solutions to overcome them.  


Parents of Pre-K students don’t want to hear about your 8th grade trip. We tailor our virtual open houses to the appropriate grade level. This means there are distinct virtual tours for the Early Learning Center, Elementary, Middle, and Upper Schools. 

After Hours: Churches

We love what we do so much, that we continue to refine and explore our tools and technology after hours by donating our skills to churches and Christian organizations.

Parishes can capture the glory of their art for parishioners with an online, immersive experience.