Inspire your parishioners with a fully immersive, virtual experience of your parish.  

Pastors and catechists wished their parishioners understood the meaning of the artwork in their Catholic parish. We conduct in-depth research on the stained glass, saints, and other art, produce a 3D model of your church or parish, and embed that information in a virtual tour. Educate, inspire, and evangelize!

Imagine Google Streetview paired with a virtual tour guide for your parish.

It’s the best of the New Evangelization, with a new edge.

A company of priests, theologians, and VR specialists to help you reach your parishioners with the meanings in church art and icons, and experience God in new ways.

An exciting new edge in the New Evanglization.

Reestablish the original use of artwork in churches – to teach, inspire, and call to worship.

Your average, young pewsitter is oblivious to the stories of the saints surrounding them. But with a little work, everyone could enjoy the opportunity to experience God through these visual Catechisms.

A single homily just doesn’t cut it; only a few points will be remembered past tomorrow. The homebound will never hear it, and the number of people picking up the pamphlets are few. 

Virtual reality is more than an exciting new trend.

Give your parishioners the freedom to enjoy self-guided tours through an immersive experience.

Invite your families to enjoy a Sunday afternoon at your church diving into the historical, spiritual, and intellectual life of their parish from home. Help them rediscover the meaning and mysticism that surrounds them!

Welcome visitors with a guided tour of your parish art and iconography.

Record videos of faculty, staff, and priests, and present them in the perfect places.

Your viewers can explore the best of their parish at any hour, from any where, on any device.

A Visual Generation

Young parishioners live in a rootless, parentless world, glutted on images and yet starved of symbolism. They thirst for the noble simplicity of our liturgy, and rich beauty of our churches. Just ask Instagram.

They don’t frequent the pews, but follow Pinterest. So let’s take the beauty of the church to them! In this way, the beauty of our churches may attract them and lead them to follow Christ.

Lead with Beauty

Hans Urs Von Balthasar spoke on the three transcendentals that satisfy human nature: The Glory of the Lord (Beauty), The Theo-Drama (Good), and The Theo-Logic (True).

Of the three transcendentals, he focused (mostly) on the Beautiful. Perhaps he intuited modern culture would respond best to beauty as a path to God.

Ready to lead with the beauty of your parish?

Inspire with Your Icons

St. Paul refers to Jesus as the Icon of the Invisible God. Our icons – beautiful depictions of God, the angels, saints, and the Blessed Mother – participate in the primordial iconography of God himself. They reveal the Invisible God to the beholder.

Bring your parishioners the ability to enter more deeply into the icons of their own church. Give them a new way to open themselves to God’s presence and message.

Inspire the Spirit with a 3D Tour

We take infrared and laser scanners and 360 cameras to build out a 3D model of the church, and create a fascinating virtual tour. 

Then we work with you to embed text and video throughout the church, and explain everything of note inside. Don’t just tell history, inspire the spirit. Start, deepen, and further the conversion of souls.

We draw on the expertise of parishioners, but primarily on orthodox priests, seminarians, and theologians who are steeped in the traditions of the Church.

Resplendent Research

More than producing a 3D model of your parish, we conduct in depth research on the stained glass, saints, and other artwork, and embed that information throughout the virtual tour.

We work with priests and theologians with degrees from Christendom College, The Catholic University of America, Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary, and others.


Since this is our apostolate, each project is a charitable donation for us. Cost is never an issue for every parish we work with.
Using the latest infrared and laser technology, coupled with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, our virtual tours fascinate and inspire.
With priests and theologians, our particular expertise is our love for the church, and our meticulous research to unearth and present the treasures of our Tradition.

Create a constant, virtual parish tour that parishioners and families can learn from and enjoy anywhere, anytime.