Take your school to your future parents and students.

Open House School Media are educational marketing experts who create virtual open houses to streamline the enrollment process. Bring visitors the freedom to explore your school from the comfort of home, sharing facts, videos and information when they want it.

It’s like (not) having your admissions director working all the time without additional pay… 

Create a constant, virtual open house for students and families anywhere in the world.

Take them there.

Communicate through immersion.

Show your most exciting activities in the most exciting way possible.

Lead your viewers through your school’s distinctive features in immersive detail. Give the viewer the freedom to explore your campus the way they want, to see what they want to see.

Inspire them with the facts that excite them most.

Communicate the actual experiences of your school.

Record videos of everyone and place them in the perfect place.

Let your viewers explore your school anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Stand out in the educational landscape

Create an unforgettable impression of your school.

Impress viewers by giving them the freedom to explore your school from the comfort of home. Empower them to discover and follow the paths of information that interest them.

Help them to dive deeper into the advantages of your curriculum and location, through virtual open houses. 

Google Streetview for your School

The experience of a virtual open house feels like a natural walk through a school. It isn’t some picture slideshow.

All of our virtual tours integrate with Google Streetview.

More people interact with your school – from a simple Google search.

Intuitive and Informational

Communicate what happens in particular areas by embedding videos and text throughout the school.

For example:

  • Embed a video of the science department head in the STEM lab.
  • List the top schools that athlete alumni have played for in the weightroom.
  • Showcase students speaking about their favorite Great Books in the library.


There is a constant need to provide a secure environment for everyone.

We take great care to ensure that our virtual open houses show enough to wow, but not too much.

 No floor plan, no weak points, no problems. 



Our virtual open houses can emphasize any aspect of your school without giving away your floor plan or weak points. We have three levels of security that can fit the comfort level of any principal or parent. 


Our expertise in independent school visual storytelling provides you a partner who knows you, knows your challenges, and knows the solutions to overcome them. 


Parents of Pre-K students don’t want to hear about your 8th grade trip. We make distinct open houses for the Early Learning Center, Elementary, Middle, and Upper Schools. 

Create a virtual open house to market your school all the time, everywhere – so your admissions director doesn’t have to.